A marvelous time!

Hey all – so much going on, so I’ll be brief today. I dropped by the Hay Fever rehearsal on Thursday night – the gang temporarily up in the studio while Bravo Academy is renting the main stage for its production of Beauty and the Beast – and the cast was in great form. And only one actor MIA with the flu, which these days is pretty darn lucky. I’ve been struggling with a nasty cold for over a week now myself, so I feel the pain.

Great good humour in the chill of that glacially cold attic space – the cookies probably helped – and fun as I watched the cast settle in for the evening, then run Act II (which afforded me a sneak peek at the game scene they’ll be performing for Alumnae members at the annual December holiday social in a couple of weeks). These guys are hilarious! Kaitlyn Riordan, who plays the wide-eyed Jackie, was particularly hysterical in the game scene, where Jackie has an attack of social/performance anxiety.

We’ll also be celebrating the 110th anniversary of Coward’s birthday, complete with special guest and champagne the night of the social. Stage manager Margot “Mom” Devlin and I plan on dressing as elves and drinking directly from the bottle that night, and Margot will more than likely be bogarting the cake.

Till next time…


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