See how they run

Hey again. So, upon reviewing the previous post, I guess I wasn’t so brief after all. Well it is Noel Coward, after all, so maybe his mercurial energy is having a comparable influence on my typing – however posthumously.

Sat in on a run-through of Hay Fever yesterday afternoon. Loads of laughs, despite missing our Jackie (most ably covered by director Kevin John McDonald). And he was adorable as the anxious young flapper. Thankfully, the gang returns to the warmth (and spaciousness) of the main stage on Wednesday, after being re-located to the chilly studio space for about two weeks.

In addition to celebrating our return to the main stage, we are also looking forward to our gathering to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Mr. Coward’s birthday on Wednesday – an event which coincides with Alumnae’s annual December social/potluck for the membership. We are promising a special guest, along with cake and champagne (the latter of which I hauled to the theatre yesterday), and a scene from the play. At this point, organization has been challenging – esp. in regards to co-ordinating with the membership potluck – but seems to be working itself out as we get closer to the date.

Now, I just have to figure out how to transport an enormous slab cake to the theatre.

And make sure to not forget to buy candles.

Or else I’ll ruin Noel Coward’s birthday for everyone.


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