The great cake road trip

Okay, so it wasn’t so much of a road trip as it was a drive back and forth across town. But if you’re like me and your main means of transportation are your own two feet and the TTC, any time your butt hits a car seat – that’s a road trip.

After much e-mail/phone backing and forthing over transport arrangements, we finally got it sorted. Our lovely and talented stage manager Margot “Mom” Devlin – with the assistance of her equally lovely man Shaun – was able to provide both a vehicle and entry to the theatre (I don’t possess keys to the theatre – my choice – way too much responsibility for me). So I met them at Margot’s office after work and off we went, with a brief stop at their house on the way to get the theatre keys.

We arrived without incident at the home of Cake Goddess Victoria Shepherd (where I also aquired a bucket of chocolate chip cookie dough, purchased to support Vicky’s son Christien’s school), had a quick peek at the cake (it’s gorgeous!) – and I carefully stowed the delicious cargo in the back of vehicle.

Then it was back across town to the theatre, where we found the Program Committee meeting in the lower lobby. Margot and I got the cake to the downstairs fridge, along with the champagne I’d carted over on Sunday. Lucky for us there are two fridges down there – the cake box takes up an entire shelf, that’s how big it is – and one of the fridges was stinky with leftovers from a previous production. The champagne went in that one, after we cleaned it up as best we could.

All I can say now is I’m very relieved. The cake is there. And, more importantly, in one piece.

Till we’re ready to cut it tonight, that is.

Will tell you all about our marvelous party next time…


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