That was a marvelous party!

Hey there!

I’m very happy to say that last evening’s Noel Coward birthday party and Hay Fever presentation was a great success – and great good fun too!

Noel Coward cake, made by Victoria Shepherd.

Noel Coward cake, made by Victoria Shepherd.

Guests and Alumnae members were treated to champagne as they arrived, then ushered into the main stage theatre, where Producer/Marketing Director Tina McCulloch was joined onstage by the Hay Fever cast and a fabulous birthday cake (created by Alum member Victoria Shepherd), complete with an edible ink photo of the guest of honour printed on the icing. Tina then introduced our surprise guest of the evening: Mr. Coward himself (stunningly portrayed by Hay Fever cast member Jonathan Thomas). Mr. Coward gave a lovely and amusing speech, then joined the cast to perform the party game scene from Hay Fever.  The scene was followed by birthday cake for the assembled party.

All in all a marvelous time!

And, rumour has it that it’s director Kevin John McDonald’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Kevin!

Till next time, enjoy the holiday festivities…

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