One week to go!

Hey there. The set painting is nearing completion (and, boy, are my arms tired!) and the cast is looking fabulous!Actually had a night off from painting last night (needed a night off to work on other stuff – like laundry and the mounting pile of dishes). And prep for my New Ideas audition (more on that at a later date).

Very exciting – if not somewhat terrifying – the prospect of opening in one week. And I’m here to tell you miracles do happen. Scheduled work gets behind, finding a suitable (and cheap) moving van to schlep the furniture from Marty’s turns out to be a nightmare, folks are drag-ass tired – but, still, it happens. Theatre happens.

Look at this cast – aren’t they gorgeous? Come see them in the flesh, starting next Fri, Jan 15. You won’t be sorry.

It’s bloody cold outside, come out for a good laugh.


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