Never-ending painting

Oh. My. God. We’re in the home stretch and the set painting has seemed so endless. Until Saturday, that is. Cast members (and partners) have even been coming out to paint, bless ’em – and thank God, we’ve needed all the arms we can get.

We got lots done – under the watchful eye of our brilliant Scenic Artist Ed Rosing (who Producer/Marketing Director Tina McCulloch and I bribed onto this here gig with dark chocolate). We even managed to get the base coat on the floor (which will be done to look like hardwood this week) before we wrapped for the day. This was after we’d packed up late afternoon to give the builders space for their final touches on the set – but it turned out they weren’t coming, so we kept painting. In the meantime, I zipped over to Queen/Broadview, to Roxanne Reads (thanks to cast member Hereward Pooley for the drive) to pick up an opening night door prize and some of her fabulous book store bookmarks.

The theatre is very busy these days – New Ideas auditions all last week and into the weekend, with callbacks starting tonight and going throughout this week. Some of us are at the theatre a lot lately. A whole helluva lot.

So looking forward to opening night booze and eats.

In fact, I could use some booze right now.


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