It’s a miracle!

First with the mystery, now with the miracle.

When I arrived at the theatre around 5:30 p.m. last night to help finish painting the Hay Fever set, I found Ed and Natalie (who’d been there since 1 p.m.) had things well in hand – despite being in a state of wanting to kill each other. Good thing I showed up, otherwise, I would have had to add Ed and Natalie chalk outlines to the stage floor. No, not really – they just sound like an old cranky married couple sometimes. Then again, so do Ed and I. And Ed and SM Margot. Hmmm…

Anyway, there was a minor problem in that we didn’t have a corn husk broom to use for doing the hardwood finish on the floor. So off I went to Sobey’s on Front St., praying that they would have two corn husk brooms. And they did!

Is it wrong that I belted out Defying Gravity on the way back to the theatre?

We finished painting at 10 p.m. And we could hardly believe it.

In other news, it appears that the Booze Elf left something for fabu SM Margot “Mom” Devlin on the production desk last night. Never heard of the Booze Elf? A not-so-distant cousin of the Tooth Fairy, the Booze Elf distributes favourite bottles of  alcohol to hard-working, brilliant stage managers. The weird thing was, there were several of us there – lighting, painting and props crew – at various points in the evening, so someone was always there. And no one saw the him/her make the delivery. A sneaky one, that Booze Elf.

Clearly, I’m rambling from sheer exhaustion (and perhaps a lack of alcohol), so I’ll close now.

I wonder if the Booze Elf ever visits hard-working bloggergals…


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