A delightful opening!

Hello there! A great, big fun time was had by all last night at the Hay Fever opening night. It was a combination of relief that it was finally happening and a nervous excitement to be off and running.

And, apparently, a bit of drama accompanied our final dress/invitational preview the night before. The toaster set off the smoke detector/fire alarm and the fire dep’t showed up! And one of the firefighters was a bit embarrassed that they had a call at a firehall. Well, we’re not technically a firehall any more – but the building we call home was once Firehall No.4, until the early 70s when Alum took it over.

The toaster situation got sorted on opening night, though – and there were no incidents as the ASM made toast for Act III.

The cast was fabulous and the set looked great (Master Carpenter “Super Mike” Spence had been in to put up theatre posters all over the walls – all from Judith Bliss’s career). I laughed so much – and so hard – that I think I pee’d a little bit.

In addition to the performance, we did a door prize, with donations from Woolfitt’s Art Supplies and Roxanne Reads book store; we also had a framed Hay Fever poster, signed by the cast.

And Alum gal Sandy Schneider put out a great reception feast for us – very tasty!

Hay Fever runs until Jan 30. Come out and see this – it’s just the thing for the winter blahs.


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