More on our marvelous opening night…

Hey there. Now that I’ve had a chance to recover from opening, thought I’d check in again with a more detailed, proper account.

A modest-sized but big on laughs audience had a fabulous time. Our gorgeous & talented cast was stunningly dressed by our lovely & talented costume designer Charmaine Huculak. Gorgeous cast included: Dinah Watts (diva actress Judith & also co-producer), Hereward Pooley (her novelist husband David), Ken MacAlpine & Tamara Lubek (their offspring Simon & Sorel), Anne Harper (their housekeeper Clara), & Leete Stetson, Tina Sterling, Jonathan Thomas (who was also our Noel Coward at the birthday celebration/scene presentation) & Kaitlyn Riordan as their hapless guests. Big fun, lots of laughs (even the barometer got laughs – & it kept falling down at the wrong time!). Great work all around; Kaitlyn & Leete, especially, had me laughing so hard, I think I pee’d a little bit. Shouts to choreographer Kristi Woods & vocal coach Jo-Anne Wurster.

Director Kevin John McDonald did double duty, also taking on set design, & he was supported by incredible build (headed by “Super Mike” Spence), scenic painting (headed by Ed Rosing) & lighting design (Bill Scott & Kate Rowlands) teams. Rounding out the dream design team were Heather & Jim Hyslop – that Heather does amazing things with modeling clay – & Angus Barlow, who saved the day coming in to consult on sound design & also do sound op. The set & props were amazing & couldn’t have come off so wonderfully without the help of these folks. Special shout to Ed’s colleague Natalie Tsing, who did the wallpaper stenciling & a lot of the painting effects, including the trees & garden statue off stage right. And also to cast members who came to help us paint too! Big love to the ever fabu SM Margot “Mom” Devlin, assisted by ASMs Valerie Lemieux & Sandra Burley, & lighting op Catherine Porter & sound op Jessica Lombardi.  

And, of course, a big shout to co-producer/marketing director/cheerleader/multi-tasker Tina McCulloch, who – despite the various production challenges that came up – never stopped believing that this show would be marvelous! (See the Shakespeare in Love quote from the It’s a mystery blog, which she reminded us of.)

We had a wonderful opening night reception feast waiting for us in the lower lobby – thanks to Sandy Schneider, who also took care of Q2Q tech day catering & also rounded up donations of stuff we needed for the show in exchange for program ads (& I know for a fact that the actors were looking forward to hoovering the leftovers over opening weekend).

I’ll be seeing the show again this week, so more later…


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