Hay Fever face time

Caught Act III of Hay Fever yesterday after running some afternoon errands, and stuck around for the post-show talk back, where the cast came out and answered audience questions.

Some folks – apparently Alum first-timers – were amazed and astounded that the actors have day jobs, and the theatre and shows are run by volunteers. Yep, that’s right, folks, we’re doing this in our spare time – for no money. Think we may have found a few more friends, not to mention some future audience.

SM “Mom” Devlin was wearing her sparkly blue Crocs – a nice way to dress up the black, I thought.

The barometer continues to behave itself and the audience numbers are getting better.

If you haven’t seen our production of Hay Fever, there are four more performances left: Wed – Sat this week. Or see it again. I’ve seen it 2 1/3 times and there’s always something new to notice. Sat, Jan 30, we’re done. Then, we party! Apparently Leete and Ken have offered their house for the closing night festivities. Silly boys.


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