One last hurrah!

Hey all. I’m writing this now while still in recovery from acting in a weekend-long marathon of workshopping Alumnae member Cate Frid’s play GuineaPigging (which had a fully staged reading at Alum last night), a birthday party and – of course – the closing night party for Hay Fever.

The show was sold out on closing night! In fact, when I arrived at the theatre after the birthday party, there were still quite a lot of folks milling about as the gang packed up to go. I schlepped to Ken (who played Simon) and Leete’s (who played Sandy) house with Ken, Tina S. (who played Myra) and a friend of Ken’s (Tony?), where we were greeted by their adorable little cat and a few folks who arrived ahead of us with Leete.

It was a nice, laid back sort of evening – and I chatted with various folks, all of whom I hope will come back to Alum for future productions. Costume designer Charmaine Huculak and I talked about tattooes. I showed her the lotus and circle of Brigid on my lower back and the unicorn/crescent moon on my right calf – then promptly got the leg of my pencil thin pants stuck just under my knee (much like the Ross and his leather pants episode of Friends – but not nearly as dire). I went up to the washroom and, thankfully, managed to right myself.

This was a great group. Kevin, our director, was missed – still feeling under the weather. Kaitlyn (who played Jackie), also missed, had family in from out of town and a very early morning the next day, so had to say goodbye at the theatre. Scenic artist Ed Rosing had a prior engagement – I’ll have to catch up with him later (and I’m sure we’ll be working together again soon). Special big love to SM Margot “Mom” Devlin, who was also unable to join us.

Thanks to the cast for the sweet card and dark chocolate – and for being so awesome.

Up next: Alumnae’s New Ideas Festival 2010 in March and The Queens in April. Please stay tuned for more on these upcoming productions.

Hay Fever cast curtain call photo courtesy of ASM Valerie Lemieux.

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