Fly on the wall – The Queens

And we’re back.

The cast and crew of The Queens met for the first time this past Friday night (in the party room of producer Catherine Driscoll’s Distillery condo, as we’d been turfed from the Alum studio by a movie shoot rental). Lovely place – and close to the theatre. It also afforded me an opportunity to stop by Balzac’s for a cup of coffee and a bag of coffee beans, and drop by the Young Centre to get a ticket for George Brown Theatre School’s production of Love’s Labours Lost.

Anyway – and I tried to keep this as a bit of a surprise for myself, but couldn’t help checking out the other names in the e-mail notice. We have a lovely cast of women for this show: Elizabeth Block, Danielle Capretti, Nonnie Griffin, Patricia Hammond, Elaine Lindo, Meghan McNichol, Jessica Moss and Janice Taylor. Elizabeth and Danielle are part of the all-female chorus (which, as of Friday, was still lacking an alto); the chorus will be singing original music by Rick Jones. Directed by Mat Howard, this is going to be a darkly funny, dramatic look at the women of Richard III.

I spoke with Rick about the possibility of my doing the alto part in the chorus – very tricky, medieval stuff – but when I reviewed the music on Sat. morning (for about an hour!), I realized I probably wouldn’t be a quick enough study, especially given my multiple duties/office job over the next few months. So I had to pass. I’m hoping he’s found someone by now – or at least soon.

The Queens runs April 16 – May 1 on the main stage. I’ll be posting a page with details for it soon. In the meantime, visit the Alumnae Theatre website.

p.s. – I’m also very curious about the movie rental that took over our old firehall home for a week or so before the Irish Players moved in with their production of Factory Girls. Rumour has it the movie features Marcia Gay Harden – I think it might be If I Were You. I’ll confirm and get back to you on that.

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