Fly on the wall – New Ideas rehearsal: Join the Club

Hey again –

I have a confesssion. I’ve been holding out on you. But only ‘cuz I was waiting to get some info – along with this production photo – before I posted.

As I intimated in yesterday’s New Ideas blog, I’ve received the general blessing and encouragement of Artistic Co-producers Shelley Cahill, Brenda Darling, Danielle Landry and Pat McCarthy to drop by rehearsals to come up with blog-worthy gems. In addition to contacting the Soledad gang, I reached out to Join the Club director, Alum member and Technical Director Stacy Halloran, to make arrangements to drop by rehearsal to further my fly on the wall experience and come up with some blog-worthy material. I hung out with her and the gang this past Sunday night.

Join the Club was co-written by Alum gal Suzanne Courtney (who is also our much revered Web Goddess) and her daughter Leora Courtney-Wolfman, and features actors Carmina Bernhardt, Lara Johnson (who you may remember as one of the sisters from Pride and Prejudice), Mike Tanchuk and RK Mann. I can’t tell you much, ‘cuz I don’t want to spoil the surprise – and Stacy would be forced to kill me – but I can tell you that it’s set in present day and in our very own studio (this should be somewhat of a hint). And that’s all I’m saying.

This is a unique cast in that the actors have varying degrees of experience onstage: from a fair amount to virtually none. Nonetheless, these guys were well-bonded at their third rehearsal – and a nice bromance was developing between two of the male characters (the younger of which is played as a trouser role by Ms. Johnson). This play is shaping up nicely. Good on ya’s!

Join the Club appears in Week 1 (Mar 10 – 13) of the festival. The New Ideas Festival runs March 10 – 27.

Photo courtesy of director Stacy Halloran. Left to right: RK Mann, Mike Tanchuk and Lara Johnson.


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