The film shoot that turfed The Queens

Hey –

I just got confirmation from both Marketing Director Tina McCulloch and our Master Carpenter/all-round Go-to Guy “Super Mike” Spence that the film shoot that forced the relocation of The Queens’ first production meeting/read-through (not to mention some New Ideas rehearsals) was, in fact, If I Were You, featuring Marcia Gay Harden, Aiden Quinn and Michael Therriault. And, most importantly, Alumnae Theatre stars as the theatre – where a production of King Lear is mounted.

No celebrity sightings from any of our gang – although rentals supervisor Angus Barlow may have made contact. I’ll check with him.

Speaking of films in Toronto, The Queens composer Rick Jones – also an actor – has been working on Red, featuring Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Brian Cox, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker. Yes. That’s right. Helen Mirren. Mary-Louise Parker. <sigh> He’s so lucky.

I’ve inserted a photo of the lovely Dame Helen Mirren. It’s on my desktop at work right now. While her film shoot did not displace The Queens or New Ideas, after all, she did play two queens.

Check out for details and synopses of these movies.

Till next time…


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