Fly on the wall – New Ideas rehearsal: Soledad

Hot. Lesbian. Action.

No mothers.

Yes, folks, this is not about Fringe-turned-Mirvish hit My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding (though it is a fab show – go see it) – it’s about the New Ideas play Soledad.

Soledad was written by Alum member (and Marketing Director) Tina McCulloch and directed by Alum member Kathryn Malek, who is assisted by AD/SM Navneet Rai. AD/SM is Assistant Director/Stage Manager, a new position created by the New Ideas co-producers to provide training and mentorship for those who are interested in directing but have little to no experience. The cast features Greg Corkum, Sandra Krstin and Sarah St-Onge-Richards.

As with Join the Club, I can’t tell you much – without bringing the wrath of the writer and director upon my head – but I can say that the play is set in a solitary house, where a weary young traveller comes looking for shelter and directions – and is welcomed to stay the night by a mysterious host, the sole occupant of the house. Or is she?

And that’s all I can say about that. Or is it?

Soledad appears in Week two of the festival (March 17 – 20).

Rehearsal photo courtesy of director Kathryn Malek. Left to right: Sarah St-Onge-Richards and Sandra Krstin.


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