New Ideas – week two opening

Another fabulous NIF opening last night, folks – and another packed house in the Alumnae studio. This week’s program is full of mystery, intrigue and, of course, hot lesbian action:

Who is that strange, attractive woman getting into a public lover’s spat by the bar – and did that man really spurn her?

Is that elderly man losing his mind – or is he really being stalked?

Will the girl run away from the circus to join the “normal” world?

Who is the charming suitor that woman of a certain age is preparing to meet?

Will Karen’s brother find out the truth about what really happened to her at the beach party last night ?

And what does that beautiful, pale young woman with the sad eyes really want from that weary, lost traveller?

We opened with ENVIA! (by Kelly DuMar, dir. by Jessica Beaulieu) – a one-woman performance/improv piece performed by Briana Templeton – in the upper lobby. Unfortunately, I missed the first performance –  it wasn’t clear to those of us in the lower lobby that it was happening. Anyway, ENVIA returned during intermission, by the bar this time, so I made sure I was there – and watched her get into a brief spat with a male audience member, a man who she claims spurned her.

There were also more lovely scripts written for older actors this week, both one-person shows: Catcher (by Mike Johnston, dir. by Valary Cook) and Pearls (by Alum member, who also acted in week one’s An Inked Heart, Brenda Somers, dir. by Pamela Redfern). And family figured prominently in Tightrope (R.J. Downes, dir. by Kate Fenton), a comedy/drama/clown piece set in a circus, and Sex on the Beach (by Derek Hale, dir. by Kimberley Ann Croscup). And then with the hot lesbian action in Soledad (by Alum member Tina McCulloch, who is also Alumnae’s Marketing Director, dir. by member Kathryn Malek, who also choreographed the piece), which suffered a technical glitch with their backlighting/screen – but otherwise came off very nicely (esp. the hot dream dance bit).

Stand outs for me: the one-person turns by Peter Higginson (Catcher) and Alum gal Ann Harper (Pearls), the whole cast of Tightrope (Stephanie Seaton, Mark Gibson, June Morrow and Dave McKay) – and I know I’m not the only one who thinks Stephanie  is a dead ringer for Sex in the City’s Kristin Davis – Leeman Kessler and Jennifer Fraser in Sex on the Beach, and Sarah St-Onge Richards and Sandra Krstin in Soledad.

And, once again, Sandy Schneider and friends hooked us up with some excellent post-show reception grub – with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. I especially loved the green shortbread cookies.

Shout out to theatre blogger/critic Sam Mooney, who liked week one so much, she came out again last night – and I’m willing to bet she’ll be back next week.

I’m sorry to say that I’ll be missing the week two reading on Saturday (noon): The Flying Avro Arrow – A Musical (by Doug Warwick, dir. by member Nonnie Griffin, who you’ll see in our upcoming production of The Queens in April). But, fear not – I’ve asked Tina McCulloch to cover for me, and she’s kindly accepted to act as guest blogger.

If you haven’t seen this week’s program, book your seat now – this festival tends to sell out, so don’t miss out.


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2 responses to “New Ideas – week two opening

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I am coming to week three! I’m in love with the New Ideas Festival.

    And The Flying Avro Arrow was terrific. You’ll have to go see it at Fringe.


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