New Ideas – week three opening

Hey there –

Another fabulous, packed opening night for New Ideas. I can’t believe we’re into the last week of the festival already.

This was a week of psychological thrills – both psycho-drama and psycho-comedy. Yes. I just made that last one up.

ENVIA! was back this week – and I managed to catch her Audition performance in the upper lobby this time. Playwright Kelly DuMar came in from Boston to see the festival and take in some sights around the city, with NIF co-producer Pat McCarthy acting as tour guide. Actor Briana Templeton was in fine form once again, as ENVIA! (the exclamation point is her last name) – and returned at intermission for another hysterical performance by the bar, where she engaged our young man in the booth, lighting op/co-op student Jamal, in a bit about acceptable ways of dreaming about her.

Another full program of plays this week: Sleeper (Anna Ross, dir. by Tom Haxell), Who is Lieserl? (member Flora Stohr-Danziger, dir. by member Anne MacMillan), Heat (Michael G. Wilmot, dir. by Florence Ballard), Buff (member Catherine Frid, dir. by Daniella Marchese) and Prisoners (Trina Brooks, dir. by Andrew Freund). All except for Buff  and ENVIA! were more on the drama side of our “psycho” ride last night.

Highlights: Briana Templeton as ENVIA!, the cast of Sleeper (who is the dreamer and who is the dreamed?), Monica Nunes and Aileen Taylor-Smith in Lieserl?, Hugh Buller (who was Denny in Pride & Prejudice last season) and Margaret Thompson in Heat, member Pat Hawk (who, if you saw week one, was also featured in A Very Different Place) in Buff and the cast of Prisoners, which included member – and week one reading director – Joanne Williams.

I was feeling under the weather last night, so didn’t sample the amazing eats at the reception after the show, but it looked amazing – shouts to Razie Brownstone and Pat Lansche for putting on the grub, as well as co-producer Danielle Landry (who brought the cupcakes).

And, since my battle with fighting off a cold appears to be lost, I may be taking Saturday off to stay in bed – in which case, I’ll enlist back-up/guest blogger Tina McCulloch to regale you with a tale about the week three reading: Weightless.

As always, New Ideas tends to sell out – so book your tix and book ’em early. No booking needed for the Saturday noon PWYC reading – but those have been filling up too, so be sure to get there early.

With thanks to Tina McCulloch for the week two reading write-up on The Flying Avro Arrow – The Musical (I’m so glad I’ll be able to catch it at Fringe!) and Cate Frid for the drive home last night.

Photo courtesy of Dan Epstein: Briana Templeton as ENVIA!



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2 responses to “New Ideas – week three opening

  1. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Toronto with my tour guide, Pat, and the entire festival was a feast of creative talent and energy. Soooooo satisfying to see Briana Templeton as ENVIA!, and Jessica’s directing – and her understanding of ENVIA! and ability to concretize her on stage, has really advanced my vision for this piece. I congratulate Pat on her vision of staging ENVIA! in the lobby and bar, and for the whole creative team for giving me so much satisfaction and inspiration with my project! Thank you New Ideas for all your support of my work!

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