More spooky times – The Queens

Before I sign off this morning, I have another spooky Alumnae tale for you.

The Queens director Mat Howard and his adorable dog Finn (who has become the show’s official mascot and four-legged critic) were down in the workshop, when suddenly Finn began growling, hackles up. He was focused on the southeast corner of the shop and Mat could see nothing there but decided the two should vacate the area immediately.

Spooky – and not the first time someone has been alone in the shop and felt a presence down there. In fact, some folks won’t go down to the basement alone. Ever.

April 14: Here’s the photo – aren’t they both too adorable for words? And, of course, I will soon also have some fab production stills of the cast to show you. These will also be up on the Alum website soon.

The Queens opens this Friday, April 16 and runs until Saturday, May 1.

I’ve booked my ticket. Have you?

Photo: director Mat Howard and Finn. Photo courtesy of Joshua Meles


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