The Queens – a visit

After inserting that photo of Mat and Finn into the previous post, I have a confession: I’ve been holding out on you again.

In addition to seeing the reading of Mozart Trio on Sunday, I also paid The Queens a visit – both before and after the reading.

Turned out to be quite an interesting visit as the gang started at noon, wanting to do a run with tech, but were missing their Anne Warwick (Meghan McNicol wasn’t available till 2 p.m. that day). So Mat asked me to stand in, so to speak, and I parked myself on the floor on the down stage right corner of the stage and read the lines while the rest of the cast pretended that Anne was where she was supposed to be.

It was a blast. We didn’t get through the whole play, as they were breaking for lunch at 2 p.m. and I had to get up to the reading, but we got through a good half of it and I got to watch – somewhat – as I read along with them.

Set and costume folks were working on final touches on various pieces in the upper and lower lobbies. This production looks fabulous!

After the reading, I caught the very end of the play – there’s some really cool lighting stuff that I won’t give away. You’ll have to come and see it. And I was also able to catch a bit of the chorus’s work – really cool how they’ve been worked into the fabric of the action.

Posting this without the photo for now – will update with one asap. Didn’t want to delay any longer.

Back soon…


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