An opening fit for a queen!

“I know by heart how many teeth you have left, and your hair – wait let me count them.” (Queen Margaret to Cecily, Duchess of York in The Queens)

Not since Krystle and Alexis have we heard such venomous exchanges as we have in The Queens. From the grand dames Margaret (Nonnie Griffin) and Cecily (Janice Tate), to the scheming Warwick sisters Isabel (Jessica Moss) and Anne (Meghan McNicol), to the seemingly ditzy Queen Elizabeth (Elaine Lindo) and the ever watchful, mysterious Anne Dexter (Patricia Hammond) – and even the trio of chorus ladies (Danielle Capretti, Kat Lai and Kat Letwin) – these ladies bite.

An amazing ensemble cast of women in an excellent opening of a stunning production, directed for Alumnae by Mat Howard, produced by member Catherine Driscoll and stage managed by Lynda Yearwood, assisted by ASM Stephanie Dotto.

The Queens was also brought to life by an amazing design team: Mitz Delisle, who designed and acted as master carpenter for the minimalist/gothic set, shaped and highlighted by Joshua Koffman’s lighting design, the three royal brothers – who we never see – present in Rebekka Hammer’s (props design) portraits, hanging upstage centre. All of this soundscaped with Rick Jones’s original period-inspired instrumental and choral composition and sound design. The ladies themselves were dressed in Heather Schibli’s period costumes, their look finished with Jen Rovinelli’s hair/make-up/millinery design. Shouts also to an army of set, painting, lighting and sound folks. This is a gorgeous production.

And I still won’t tell you about the especially luminous effect at the end of the play – you’ll have to come see for yourself.

Alum member – and catering queen – Sandy Schneider, once again, did a bang-up job with the reception, and the opening night audience enjoyed the evening very much. All in all, an excellent start to a wonderful final production of Alum’s season.

The Queens runs until Saturday, May 1, with a talk-back with director and cast after the matinee next Sunday, April 25.

I’ll be seeing the play at least once more during the run – so I’ll be back again soon. When are you coming?


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