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As promised, here’s the scoop on the Alum NPD’s Big Ideas readings, courtesy of NPD gal Diane Forrest (who is also the organizer of Alumnae’s annual Write Now playwrights challenge and worked as Director of Special Projects for Alum this past season, which included heading up our renewal plan team):

This year’s Big Ideas….

Here’s the guest blogger, belatedly checking in.

Just to remind you, the NPD or New Play Development group is a band of Alumnae playwrights working with the very fine resources of Alumnae Theatre. Big Ideas is our follow-up to New Ideas – a chance to show longer works in the development process. Also a lot of fun, because the works on display are wide-ranging and there’s always a party.

This year’s line-up included:

WE THREE – Norma Crawford loves to torture us with ultra-intriguing opening scenes – this one an urban fairy tale involving a strange visitor with a deadly gift. We want more, Norma!

THE INTERVIEW – My humble contribution, a rewrite and an update of a two-hander I did for a Solar Stage festival 20 years ago. Much improved, I think we all agree.

THE SKI CLUB – Catherine Frid, whose play Guineapigging will premiere in Alumnae’s 2010-11 season, now tries her hand at a musical about independence and aging.

THE TIN WHISTLE – Lucy Brennan showed her gift for poignancy in this sweet-sad story of the helpless and homeless. (Lucy’s Daughter of the House drew major houses during its premiere at Alumnae Theatre in 2009.)

ZE ADVENTURES OF M. MAURICE & HIS BRIDAL EMPORIUM – Not too sure where Annie MacMillan is taking us with this one, but judging by the first scene, it should be entertaining.

REFLECTIONS – A few weeks ago, Flora Danziger moved us with a reading of her current work-in-progress, Mozart Trio. This short piece struck just as deep, with the story of how a woman uses her art to turn grief into strength.

WEDDING NIGHT IN CANADA – I’ve seen this piece evolve from a great premise to something truly funny. I won’t say anything more, since the playwright,  Francine Dick, is taking it to this year’s Fringe.

Thanks as always to our dramaturges, Jane Carnwath and Molly Thom, and our directors, Jane Carnwath, Anne Harper, Barbara Larose, Annie MacMillan, Pat McCarthy and Molly Thom, and to the many splendid actors who donated their time.

Thanks Diane!

Coming soon: Alumnae Theatre in Doors Open Toronto and Alumnae Folks in The Toronto Fringe Festival.

Also – check out the 2010-11 season page – I’ve recently added the groovy graphic that Web Goddess Suzanne Courtney put together for us. The season’s theme is: Running with scissors. Plays with an edge.


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