The Abortion Monologues – read-through

Hey all. We had our first read-through of the script last night – and what a collection of female actors we have for this!

Producers/organizers Dinah Watts, Patricia Hammond, Lynne Patterson and Tabitha Keast have assembled a dream team gang. Here is just a sampling of the cast – some familiar faces, who have appeared in our main stage productions this past season, who will read some of the 21 monologues: Nonnie Griffin (The Queens), Patricia Hammond (A Delicate Balance and The Queens), Tamara Lubek (Hay Fever), Carol McLennan (A Delicate Balance), Laura Vincent (Palace of the End) and Dinah Watts (A Delicate Balance and Hay Fever). And yours truly will be reading monologue #7. Some of the actors will also act as coaches for the rest of us; I’m looking forward to working with Tabitha Keast in this regard.

We have an amazing production crew for this, including SM Lynda Yearwood – and we’re all very excited to be working on this benefit reading.

And – the best part is: playwright Jane Cawthorne will be in attendance the night of the reading to participate in a post-read talk-back.

Please see the Alumnae website for details and reservation info:

Tell your friends! Sunday, June 20 – 8 p.m. on the main stage.


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