The Abortion Monologues – rehearsals well underway

So as the week progresses, all the actors are getting together with their respective coaches (and the coaching folks are also acting). Here’s the full list of the cast, in speaking order:

Laura Vincent
Idil Mussa
Pat Lansche
Tina McCulloch
Lynne Patterson
Cathy McKim
Shelley Cahill
Kat Leonard
Kim Croscup
Meghan McNichol
Barbara Larose
Carol McLennan
Dinah Watts
Seema Lakhani
Tamara Lubek
Suzanne Tattersall
PJ Hammond
Tabitha Keast
Joanne Williams
Charmaine Huculak
Nonnie Griffin

My coaching session with Nonnie went very well last night – and we’re both very happy and excited to be working on this project, both for chance to work on the play and for the chance to work together.

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