Alumnae folks in the Toronto Fringe

The Toronto Fringe Festival is coming: June 30 – July 11. And with it, the tradition of shameless (self-) promotion.

Here’s a bunch of plays – in alphabetical order – featuring Alumnae and Alumnae-related playwrights, directors, actors and designers. Yeah, so some of these folks are not members (the guys), but have worked with us a fair bit.

For full play and creative team listings, show times and venues, please visit the Toronto Fringe website:

Dead Cat Bounce: by Catherine Frid; directed by Molly Thom; sound design by Angus Barlow; featuring actors Steven Burley & Sochi Fried

Eve’s Garden: by Dorothy Lichtblau

The Flying Avro Arrow Musical Comedy: presented as a staged reading during New Ideas 2010; directed by Anne MacMillan; featuring actors Steve Flett & Danielle Capretti

Goodnight, Amherst: featuring actor Heather Allin

The Last Buffalo: stage managed by Lynda Yearwood

Leacock Live! (based on Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town): this is an Act II ensemble piece, featuring actors Barbara Haber and Judy Malkin (and, though she’s not an Alum member, director Vrenia Ivonoffski, who also adapted the piece for the stage, taught me at George Brown Theatre School!)

Short Story Long: featuring actor Kaitlyn Riordan

Tightrope: presented at New Ideas 2010; by R.J. Downes; directed by Kate Fenton

Wedding Night in Canada: presented at Big Ideas 2010; by Francine Dick; directed by Victoria Shepherd

The Whores: featuring actors Sarah Illiatovich-Goldman & Joanne Williams (this will also be presented at Hamilton Fringe)

That’s all I have so far – but I may be back with more.

Also: Suzanne Courtney’s bass playin’ man Dave Gater Smith (aka The Bass Player) will be busking at the beer tent, which has been relocated this year to behind Honest Ed’s.                  His dates are:  June 30 @ 8:30 pm  & July 3, 6 and 8 @ 7:30 pm (that’s him in the photo)


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