Fringing – part 1

Hey all – finally got to my first couple of Fringe shows, which I’m slotting in around Pride week closing festivities, as well as some jazz at Harbourfront.

Here’s what I’ve Fringed so far:

Alum member Francine Dick’s play Wedding Night in Canada (dir by Alum gal Victoria Shepherd) asks the question: What happens when the Leafs are playing game 7 of the Stanley Cup final during Heddy and Nick’s wedding reception? Well, Heddy ain’t too pleased for one – and holes up in a room away from her guests and the big screen t.v.’s the groom’s friend has brought into the reception hall while the groom and best man try to coax her out.

Big, big fun and a great cast: Esther Jaciuk, John Rowe & Adrian Rebacus.

Had a great time hanging out with Victoria and daughter Viv, as well as Vicky’s friend Ann and Alum pal Tina McCulloch.

Playing at St. Vlad’s on Spadina. Check out Francine’s blog on the play’s website Apparently there are some interesting and shocking (well, not for those of us who know her) tidbits about Victoria.

Just this afternoon, I saw Short Story Long (by Joel Fishbane, dir by Ashlie Corcoran) at the Tarragon Extra Space – a two-hander featuring Alum actor Kaitlyn Riordan (Hay Fever) and Jacklyn Francis. This play won the Toronto Fringe 2010 new play contest.

A famous writer’s widow and a woman from his past meet shortly after his death, over his will. I don’t want to say too much here – don’t want to spoil it – but this is a truly amazing piece. Lovely script and two incredible actors.

So I’m off to a Pride dance tonight, so done Fringing for the day. Back at it tomorrow. Will be stopping by the blog every couple of days to tell you more tales.

Till then, happy Fringing all!


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