Fringing: B

Here’s what I did on the weekend:

Saturday, I saw The Whores at the GIT (by Charles Crosby, dir by Tanisha Taitt). Excellent ensemble piece, featuring five amazing female actors and two male voice-overs. From $300 an hour escort to a heroin-addicted single mom streetwalker, the men are the anonymous persons in this play.

Amazing performances all around: Claire Blackwood, Hayley Fisher (who also produced),  Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman (who was in Wit at Alum), Jennifer Kenneally and Joanne Williams (very active in New Ideas the past few years).

Go see this play – you’ll never look at sex trade workers the same.

Sunday, I saw another nice ensemble in The Flying Avro Arrow – A Musical Comedy (by Doug Warwick, dir by Alum member Anne MacMillan), featuring Alum folk Danielle Capretti (as the sexy, riding crop wielding Russian spy Olga) and Stephen Flett (a singing Prime Minister Diefenbaker). Great mash-up of Canadian aviation history, spy intrigue and the original Star Trek series, this was  presented as a staged reading during New Ideas 2010 this past March.

Great musical comedy/historic fun – and loads of great pix and info about the Arrow in the entrance – at the United Steelworkers Hall on Cecil Street (near St. George and College).

Off to another show this afternoon, then to my You Are Here audition.

Checking out The Bass Player at the beer tent tomorrow night.

Back in a day or so with more before I head to Ottawa for a few days.

Till then, have a blast at the Fringe!


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