More Fringe adventures

And what an adventure Dead Cat Bounce was on Monday! Playwright Cate Frid and director Molly Thom (both Alum members) were on hand during the late afternoon performance in the killer humidex-ridden weather in Kensington Market at KOS Restaurant – and with a decent sized audience given the heat.

Set on the adjacent sidewalk and on the restaurant patio, this was a terrific three-hander. Geza Kovacs (The Mayor) played a street guy so well, he totally blended in with the environment – the only thing giving him away was that he was wearing a mic.  Steven Burley (Thomas, an on-line stock trader) and Sochi Fried (Amara, a local struggling singer/songwriter) were lovely as the unlikely couple who meet at the restaurant, overseen (and even advised) by The Mayor. Burley (Pride & Prejudice and Closer) and Fried (Palace of the End) are both familiar faces at Alumnae.

It was very cool to see a BYOV environment that was actually part of the story. Patrons were able to order food and beverages throughout – and passersby came and went, some stopping to watch a while. The most dramatic of these was an individual I’ll call “Shirtless Ranting Guy,” who apparently had been on the patio across the street for a while and was joined by a friend who arrived on a bike. He proceeded to get more and more agitated – prompting Cate to go over for a chat – and even got got in Sochi’s face towards the end of the play, then joined the cast for the curtain call with his bike friend, getting sound designer Angus Barlow out of the restaurant, where he was running sound.

All in all a great time. And, to top off the Kensington experience, as I headed to the Queen car, I saw a random guy directing traffic at Dundas/Denison (the stop lights were out). He was wearing a mascot bunny head and using orange fans to direct cars and pedestrians. Only in Kensington Market. And, man, he must have been hot in that bunny head.

Turns out, KOS was spared the blackout that ocurred in much of the downtown core during Monday’s rush hour. I was thankful that the streetcars were still running, as I was on my way to Alum for my You Are Here audition (which I was happy about).

For some reason, I missed seeing Dave Smith busking at the beer tent last night – I think I maybe had a brainfart and got the time wrong. The new beer tent location is nice, though – although without the indoor washrooms and adjoining dance floor like we had at the Tranzac. Oh well. Southern Accent was on duty with food – and if I hadn’t had such a big lunch (office summer party on Ward’s Island at the Rectory Cafe), I would’ve sample some jumbalaya. I did have some corn bread, though, and it was delicious.

Late night performance last night of The Aquarium at the Factory Main Space was super fun. What a way to end the day! Some familiar faces in this great comedic ensemble: Sandra Krstin, Andrea Lyons and Scott Moore – all at Alum for New Ideas at various points.

Big, huge farcical fun! In fact, farce follows Jeanette wherever she goes, making for challenging times with flower shop customers, roommates and prospective boyfriends.

Seeing one more show tonight before I take off for Ottawa – then I’ll be awaiting news of a callback and hopefully getting in at least one more show before Fringe closes on Sunday night.

Keep on Fringin’!

p.s. – Forgot to mention in my last post that The Whores will be at Hamilton Fringe, July 16-24.

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