Fringe – and another thing

Second post of the day – one last shout before I head off to Ottawa tomorrow a.m.

Saw Goodnight, Amherst at the Bathurst Street Theatre tonight (by James Fanizza, dir by Carrie Adelstein), featuring Alum member Heather Allin, as well as Kristen Corvers (who I saw last night in The Aquarium – shout out to her for an amazing job at the double acting duty) and playwright James Fanizza as the young man who returns home to his family unexpectedly after serving time in jail for murder.

Heather was lovely as the mother of the young man in question – strong and good-humoured as a single mom with three children (teenager to young adults) and facing more than the usual challenges – torn between protecting and letting go.

A compelling story and the cast did wonderful job of creating a very believable family dynamic.

That’s it for now – for the next few days at least. I’m hoping to see at least one more on Sunday night.

Till then – may the Fringe be with you!

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