Alumnae folk @ Summerworks

As promised, here’s a list of Alumnae and Alumnae-related folks who have shows in Summerworks this year (August 5 – 15, 2010):

Countries Shaped Like Stars : featuring co-creator/actor Emily Pearlman (a familiar face from New Ideas, Fringe and Summerworks)

Homegrown: by Catherine Frid (who just saw her play Dead Cat Bounce produced at Toronto Fringe)

Kayak: by Jordan Hall; directed by Tommy Taylor (the team who brought you the New Ideas 2009 hit Asleep at the Wheel); Kayak was previously presented at Alumnae during a Big Ideas reading

The Saddest Girl in the World: directed by Melissa Major

Shed: featuring SM Lynda Yearwood

Theory: (appeared as a staged reading in New Ideas 2010); by Norman Yeung; directed by Joanne Williams (who’s also been a busy gal this summer, acting in The Whores in both the Toronto and Hamilton Fringe festivals); most of the original New Ideas cast is back, including some character switching

For full show descriptions and show dates/times, please visit the Summerworks website:


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