Running with scissors: music video shoot

As I mentioned a few days ago, a bunch of us got together at the theatre yesterday to shoot a music vid of our 2010-11 season theme song, which I’m calling Running with Scissors (since I forgot to ask our resident songwriter/songstress Kat Leonard what she calls it).

Alum Tech Director – who also acted as video director – Stacy Halloran co-ordinated the shoot with Kat, who wrote and performs the song. And Kat’s husband Rod shot it for us.

A gang of Alum members – dubbed the Girls of Summer – showed up to represent each play of the season. Stacy, Rod and Kat had already been hard at work shooting Kat’s solo bits in the morning before we arrived early afternoon.

Stacy and Kat were super organized, so there was minimal waiting around between shots – and we even managed to wrap early. And head to Skal for beer and food, of course.

Now, Kat will be off editing – and we’ll have a video to show you soon. The plan is to post it on the Alum website, as well as YouTube, to promote the upcoming season.

I’ll be at the first read-through of You Are Here this Tuesday night, so I’ll be back with more on that show in a few days.

Till then – enjoy the long weekend. And, don’t forget – Summerworks opens this Thursday, August 5. See my earlier blog re Alum folks in Summerworks.

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