You Are Here – first read-through

You Are Here – helmed by director Paul Hardy – finally got its first read-through last night.

The cast includes Jamieson Child (Paul/Justin), Joseph Cochrane (Ted Steeves, doctor, waiter), Alum gals Tabitha Keast (Alison) and Seema Lakhani (Connie Hoy, film shoot AD), Will O’Hare (Thomas Roman), Alyssa Quart (Diane Drake), Mike Vitorovich (Richard) and Cameron Johnston (Jerry). Despite missing two of the guys, the read went really well – and we got a peek at how the show is taking shape. Always cool to see the cast bonding starting to happen at this point as well – as many of these actors would have only just met during the callbacks.

Set and lighting design guru Ed Rosing was on hand as well – and showed us his sketches of the set design; very simple yet very effective (and with minimal painting). Sound designer Angus Barlow was working on a lighting hang in the studio, but popped by at the end of the evening. Co-producer Shelley Cahill and Marketing Director Tina McCulloch were also in attendance – and Shelley had a whole wack of water and healthy snacks for the assembled gang.

These are going to be some busy folks over the next six weeks. Rehearsals are slightly behind schedule due to casting challenges – and Tabitha will be the busiest of all, as she’s in every frickin’ scene.

From what I saw, though, these guys are in good shape – and they’re in good hands with Paul.


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