Summerworks adventures: Theory

Hey all –

Saw my first Summerworks 2010 show last night – the opening of Theory, by NormanYeung and directed by Alum gal (and a very busy gal too) Joanne Williams.

Some of you may have seen Theory during New Ideas 2010, when it was featured as a staged reading. It was the only reading I was able to get to at NIF this year, and I was very impressed. The NIF cast is back, with at least one case of character swapping, I think. In any event, the cast is excellent.

It was especially gratifying to see the piece brought to life on stage, with nicely minimalist black and white set and costume design, which provided a back-drop for the film clips that were shown throughout. Yep, even the costumes acted as a screen – in one scene, where the young film theory prof Isabelle is sitting at her desk watching one of the anonymously posted student videos, the images are projected both on her white costume and on the stack of white bankers boxes behind her. Very effective presentation all around. And a strong cast made it about the characters and the ideas, not about the tech. The concept of free speech, as well as propaganda, conveyed through images. Images as communication. At what point does communication constitute oppression? When, if ever, is it acceptable to censor?

Theory is running until August 15 at The Lower Ossington Theatre – check the Summerworks website for exact dates/times:



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3 responses to “Summerworks adventures: Theory

  1. Tina

    I missed this at New Ideas, so was happy to get the chance to see this revamped version.
    Was very impressed by the script (no easy answers to all the questions it posed), and I loved the set & costume design too.
    The actors kept me guessing right to the end, especially “Richard, call me Dick” who was memorably creepy.
    Very cool show. Kudos to writer Norman Yeung and director Joanne Williams.

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