More Summerworks adventures to come…

… I promise.

Fear not, dear readers, it’s just that bloggergal needed a bit of a break after seeing four plays in three days, including the Summerworks shows I’ve already blogged about here, as well as the closing night performance of Soulpepper’s fabulous production of A Month in the Country – which featured the lovely and talented Fiona Byrne as Natalya. And, yes, I will admit to having a crush – both personal and professional.

Also, this week, there was a friend’s classical recital: Alum gal and lovely mezzo-soprano Martha Spence, singing in the Atelier S program Sure on this Shining Night last night (which featured a breathtakingly beautiful choral performance of Morten Lauridsen’s composition of the title song to close the evening). And another friend has a group gallery opening tonight: Patrick Jenkins at Loop Gallery (Dundas/Dovercourt). And, well, there were dishes and laundry piling up at home, and I really did need to get to reading those Stoppard one-acts, since there’s another production meeting coming up on Monday.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Short version is: I’ll be back this weekend with more Summerworks adventures.

In the meantime, here’s Fiona Byrne and Diego Matamoros in a scene from A Month in the Country. (Photo for Soulpepper by Cylla von Teidemann.)


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