Summerworks final: 3 plays in 25 hours

Hey ya’ll – Packed in a few final shows for this year’s Summerworks fest this weekend:

The Saddest Girl in the World @ Theatre Passe Muraille backspace. Written by Cassie Beecham and directed by Melissa Major (who is a familiar face in and around T.O. festivals, including Alum’s New Ideas Festival). Very well-written and acted, this is a haunting story, where nightmare and waking life collide. Excellent ensemble cast, especially sad girl actor Noa May Dorn and basement tenant Justin Bott, playing on a minimalist but effectively practical set – which made for primary focus on the characters and their relationships.

The Emotionalists @ the Theatre Centre. By Sky Gilbert, directed by Eli Ham – with an extremely sharp cast, led by Soo Garay (as Ayn Rand). Sexy, thought-provoking, dramatic – we see how Rand’s theories and seemingly contradictory actions impact those around her.

Countries Shaped Like Stars @ the Theatre Centre. Created and performed by Nicholas Di Gaetano and Emily Pearlman (Emily is also another familiar face in the indie theatre fest circuit). I have to say, this was my favourite piece of the festival this year. Storytelling, musical theatre and improv combine – and the audience was captivated and charmed by the story of Gwendolyn Magnificent and Bartholomew Spectacular. Pearlman’s brother Joshua illustrated the story book version of the show – and there’s a CD of all the songs as well. Pure magic.

So that’s it for Summerworks for me. The fest closes today, but there’s still a chance to see some amazing work:

I’ll be back soon with some fly on the wall looks at You Are Here and the Stoppard one-acts, as well as a workshop/staged reading of my play Over the Lips.

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