You Are Here – stumblethrough

Ya know? I’ve been thinking lately how stumblethroughs are kind of like this: 

Now I’m wondering if I should have put the toddler first.

Anyway – foals and toddlers learning to walk. They’re working hard, they’re unsure and excited – and we’re rooting for them.

The You Are Here gang made it through their stumblethrough last night – and admirably so. With fresh spike lines taped on the stage, director Paul Hardy broke them in with a tops and tails run, going through just entrances and exits before beginning the full run. This allowed for extra coffee and lounging time for those of us who’d joined the gang.

The run itself was nicely done, with the (usual) occasional call for a line (from everyone) – and it gave the small audience the sense that this show is moving in a good direction. Lead actor Tabitha Keast was a real trouper, struggling with a nasty head cold – no easy feat, since she’s onstage for the entire freaking show.

Since the last time I visited the YAH gang, they’ve acquired a stage manager (Danielle Guslits, who SM’d for us several years ago on a bunch of shows) and props person (Vivien Feirson), as well as a few other folks who’ve offered to lend a hand, including Lynn Zeelenberg.

So, a really good evening – nice to see the show taking shape. It’s coming along really well and I’m looking forward to seeing it on opening night.

In the meantime, I’ll be helping set/lighting designer Ed Rosing with a bit of painting at some point; all I’ll say is there will be minimal painting on this – don’t want to give the very cool design away. ‘Cuz, you know, Ed would kill me.

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