You Are Here – with pizza

The You Are Here producers’ lunch (aka: oasis in cue-to-cue hell).

Just like the best thing about getting shot in the buttocks is the ice cream, the best thing about cue-to-cue day is the free lunch.

You Are Here producers Shelley Cahill and Dinah Watts did good – to both cast and crew, and our collective tummies – in their choice of Magic Oven pizza and salad. Plus, there were cookies (including Fudgee-Os) for dessert.

I was very happy to be able to drop by the theatre to hang out with the YAH gang for lunch today as they took a break between acts. And Marketing gal Tina McCulloch had You Are Here posters and bookmarks for us too, which will help the whole gang promote this amazing show to friends, family, co-workers, church buddies, etc.

I walked to the theatre today, as I did to Betty’s yesterday (for the second Hound/Magritte production meeting) – all in preparation for my participation in the AIDS walk next Sunday. Of course, being in “training” didn’t prevent me from having the all-day breakfast and two beers at Betty’s – or a couple of slices, some Caesar salad and two cookies at lunch today. It’s not that hard core. And we’ve had beautiful weather this weekend, so taking the time to do a good hour-long walk was a very good thing.

And just like there will be blood, there will be more painting. Wednesday night.

Just less than two weeks till opening, folks. In the meantime, Hedda Gabler auditions are well underway, with callbacks coming up this week.

Exciting times, my friends. Exciting times.

Till next time…



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2 responses to “You Are Here – with pizza

  1. Tina

    I “heart* the Forrest Gump reference.

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