You Are Here – opening night

Retrospect really is everything.

As is always the case, when I saw our opening night performance of You Are Here last night, it had come a long way from that first stumblethrough I sat in on a few weeks ago. With stumblethroughs, you get the tone, colours and feel of a show, but not the dynamic pacing that only comes through running it – again and again.

To borrow a title from another of MacIvor’s plays, director Paul Hardy and his design team gave the audience a beautiful view of the life of a woman named Alison – played with loving detail by Tabitha Keast, supported by a lovely ensemble cast: Jamieson Child, Joseph Cochrane, Cameron Johnston, Seema Lakhani, Will O’Hare, Alyssa Quart and Michael Vitorovich.

Ed Rosing’s minimalist set design, sculpted with his own haunting lighting design and filled with Angus Barlow’s soundscape, made for the perfect abstract setting for this hilarious, touching and thoughtful journey through one woman’s life.

And opening night wouldn’t be special – or go off at all, really – without the team of folks working in the booth, orchestrated by our intrepid SM Danielle Guslits, as well as the front of house, box office and bar folks (all the Spence women were on hand). The reception was put together with lovely – and tasty – detail by Lynne Zeelenberg and Elisha Hew (Elisha also provided the artwork and lobby displays for the show).

Of course, this army of support folks doesn’t quite come together on its own – producers Shelley Cahill (sporting yet another fabulous pair of heels) and Dinah Watts were on hand to celebrate this amazing opening.

All in all – it was nice. Really nice.


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