Hedda Gabler – rehearsal pix

Hey – So now that ya’ll have had some time to digest the YAH opening night blog (and if you haven’t, just scroll down and take a look), thought I’d provide some more sneak peek into our next production: Hedda Gabler.

First, let me introduce you to a couple of folks: Sochi Fried (Hedda) and Andrew Batten (Judge Brack). Photos courtesy of actor James Harbeck (Tesman).

SM Margot “Mom” Devlin’s rehearsal notes from Tuesday night (scenes with Hedda and Brack) came with a warning: NOT rated PG. Now that just wanted me to read them all the more. Without giving away too much, I can tell you this: sex and guns.

That’s right, chickens, this ain’t your grandma’s Hedda Gabler.

I’ll be back to see YAH this Sunday, for the talkback matinée – so back with that early next week.

And, speaking of You Are Here, you know how when you write something quickly and don’t read it over – and when you read it, it looks so…  crap? Anyway, for those of you who read the YAH opening night blog posting on Saturday, you may want to scroll down and check it out again. I realized on Sunday that I’d misspelled an actor’s name and left out the SM, among a couple of other editorial thingies.


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