You Are Here – two shows left!

That’s right, chickens, just two more chances to see Alumnae’s fabuloso production of You Are Here, which closes tomorrow night (Sat, Oct 9).

Marketing director Tina McCulloch sent me this little tidbit regarding feedback we got from the YAH talk-back matinée, from folks who attended with a group:

One patron wrote:
“A terrific show!  The main actress was on throughout the entire performance and hit her message every time…. “

Another attendee called it “An enriching performance.”

The group leader wrote:
“This play was excellent and it was great to attend the talkback session
afterwards with the director and performers. Highly, highly  recommended!”

Thank you,! Please come back and see us sometime.

As for the rest of you: seen this yet? If not, come on down!



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2 responses to “You Are Here – two shows left!

  1. Stephen Near

    I wanted to say that I saw this production last night (Friday) and was moved to tears. It is one of my favorite plays after having seen the original at Passe Muraille in 2001. I wasn’t sure how I’d react to this staging of the piece but it affected on a deeper level. Tabitha’s lead performance was nuanced, powerful, and heartbreaking and Angus’ soundscape evoked the feel Richard Feren alongside an edgy, angry sensibility which matched Tabitha’s performance. The rest of the cast was similarly good. I especially liked Will O’Hare’s take on the challenging part of Thomas Roman. Mixing equal parts arrogance and yearning is a tough sell and he did it brilliantly. Finally, the direction was really superb. Paul Hardy is emerging as a first rate Canadian director and I cannot wait to see what he does next. Alumnae must do more shows like this: Canadian, edgy, and contemporary. Well done!

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