Hedda Gabler painting underway

When one show closes, work on another is already underway – and the painting for another is not far behind.

A small but hardy gang started work on painting the Hedda Gabler set yesterday afternoon, with set designer/scenic painting supervisor Ed Rosing and painter Emily McNaughton arriving first to put the black base coat on the floor and get started on the bars. Rosemary Doyle, producer Andy Fraser and I arrived in the afternoon to work on the piano (which is receiving a much-needed facelift – and, later on, tuning) and floor detailing/glazing. And I’m very happy to report that we got a lot done – more than we thought we would, actually. Basically, we rocked.

Ro will be back today to glaze the piano, and SM Margot “Mom” Devlin and I will be in tonight to finish the bars and do another coat of glaze on the floor. The floor will need at least one more coat of glaze before tech – I’ll be doing that next Monday night.

Since this set is just too brilliant to give away before opening night, here are a few more rehearsal photos, courtesy of actor James Harbeck: Leslie McBay (Thea), Malcolm Taylor (Lovborg) and director Jane Carnwath. For more rehearsal pix, visit the Alumnae website: www.alumnaetheatre.com/1011hedda.html


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