Write Now readings this Sunday, October 24

So much going on these days.

In addition to Hedda Gabler being well into rehearsals, and Hound and Magritte being recently cast, Alumnae’s NPD gang will be presenting the readings of this year’s Write Now playwrights challenge this Sunday, Oct 24 @ 1 p.m. up in the studio. I hear that the theme this year has something to do with the subway.

I’ll be seeing Sister Annunciata’s Secret tonight and sitting in on the Hedda Gabler stumblethrough tomorrow – before dropping by the Write Now readings on Sunday – so I’ll be back with the scoop on all of these asap.


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2 responses to “Write Now readings this Sunday, October 24

  1. Anne MacMillan

    Write Now event happens Sunday, October 21…. at 2 p.m. NOT Oct 24 Please please mark the date proper… THANKS

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