Hedda Gabler stumblethrough

Sitting here in my jammies, coffee beside me, and the peanut butter and jam freshly washed from my paws – and pondering what an artsy fartsy’s wet dream this Friday/weekend has been. (Sorry, Margot, should have given an “adult language” warning on that one. Think of it as the blogger’s equivalent of a belly flash.)

And the weekend’s not over yet.

Friday night took me to the Fran Hill Gallery to catch painter Blair Sharpe’s show before it closed today; then to the Annex Theatre for Nonnie’s opening of Sister Annunciata’s Secret; and from there to the Arbor Room at Hart House for pal Kira Callahan’s jazz gig at Oscar’s Jazz.

And then, on Saturday, there was Hedda.

I’ve said before that stumblethroughs are awkward affairs. It’s the first time the cast has a chance to put all the scenes together – previously rehearsed separately and in smaller groups. Sometimes, it’s the first time some of them have seen each other since the read-through. Everyone, at some point, has to call out for a line – and full furniture placement may require re-blocking a move or two. There’s even a bit of an audience, with the design team (and bloggergal) in attendance to get their first taste of the full piece.

No doubt, the Hedda Gabler cast did a very nice job of stumbling through. It may have been frustrating and awkward as hell at times, but the underlying tone and feel of the piece was definitely there. Director Jane Carnwath and cast have this show well in hand – and have every right to feel proud of themselves.

Shutterbug actor James Harbeck was shooting more pix, so I’ll be back to tack some on to this post as soon as I get some – so come back for another look.

In the meantime, I’m off to the Write Now readings in a few hours – back with the scoop on that tomorrow. And tomorrow night is (I hope) the final night for painting Hedda.

p.s. (Oct 25) – Here are a couple of pix from the stumblethrough; top to bottom: Jane Reynolds (Aunt Juliana) and Ilene Cummings (Bertha); Andrew Batten (Judge Brack) and Sochi Fried (Hedda).

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