If I Were You sneak peek

Okay, so this is not theatre-related in so much as it’s not about a play, but it’s about a movie featuring our favourite old gal, Alumnae Theatre. Yep, the actual building.

You may recall that, earlier this year, Alum had a film shoot rental in the house; that movie was If I Were You, starring Marcia Gay Harden, Leonor Watling and Joseph Kell, and featuring Aidan Quinn – shot entirely in Toronto (as Toronto), with Alumnae Theatre (as Alumnae Theatre) featured prominently.

Alum members got an invitation to join the cast, crew and other location-related folks for a screening this past Saturday morning at the Dundas Square AMC. We were greeted by writer/director Joan Carr-Wiggin and producer David Gordian as we headed into theatre #10 – and we bumped into some folks we knew who were actually in the movie. Apparently, Joan and David had seen Kaitlyn Riordan in Hay Fever last season and wanted her to come audition – and she was cast as a focus group participant. Also in the cast is Bethany Jillard (from Driftwood Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet a few summers ago), cast as the actress playing Cordelia in the King Lear production within the movie.

It was a big, big fun morning at the movies. The story is hilarious and heartbreaking – and Marcia Gay Harden gives a powerhouse performance, cracking us up one minute and bringing us to tears the next.  And our old theatre looks pretty damn good on film, I must say. Big shouts to Joan, David, Marcia and the entire If I Were You cast and crew – especially our gal Kaitlyn and our guy Angus Barlow (who was credited as Alumnae liason).

Look out for If I Were You in 2011. In the meantime, check out the details on IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1587309/


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