Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the studio…

… there’s even more painting and glazing to be done. Even Hedda is stunned. (Photo of Sochi Fried as Hedda by James Harbeck.)

Well, chickens, Margot “Mom” Devlin (who is doing triple duty as SM, scenic artist and lighting op) and I were in with design guru Ed Rosing last night doing final painting/glazing on the Hedda set. “Mom” and I thought we were just in to do the stove and glaze the floor (4th coat) – but Eduardo had other ideas.

Without giving away too much – because I want ya’ll to see this for yourselves – the frame of that lovely crescent window needed painting. Apparently, there’d been a brilliant flash of last-minute genius for that window. But that’s all I’m gonna say about that. While “Mom” was working on that and one of the chairs, Ed and I got busy with the stove. And I must say, it all looks fabulous. Rebekka Hammer (who did the portraits of the three princes for The Queens) came by as well, finishing off the portrait of the General.

In the end, Ed, Margot and I swept the floor, then Margot and I did the final glaze. At least we hope that’s the final glaze…

Finally got to take my painting clothes home last night. Which is probably a good thing, since they’re just about able to stand up on their own.

Back tomorrow with some official production photos (courtesy of Joshua Meles). We open this Friday. Made your reservation yet?


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