SMing Hound

Wow. That headline doesn’t look any less kinky than yesterday’s. I can tend to get goofy when over-worked/over-tired – so there you go.

Had a blast with the cast of The Real Inspector Hound last night. And I did need to fill in a bit; Brenda Somers wasn’t available, so I got up to do Mrs. Drudge, as well as the radio announcement – great, good fun. Hound is not as big on blocking as Magritte (at least not the scenes I was working on) – but both have precise blocking, so actor movement tends to be less organic and more about being in the right place at the right time – and with the right prop, etc. – as called for in the script.

I’ll be back with the Magritte gang on Tuesday night, then that’ll be it for my SM subbing. Later on: attending the first stumblethrough and painting the set.

Only two more performances of Hedda Gabler – we close tomorrow night. Once again, please reserve your tix by phone – as we sort out our on-line reservations glitch.


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