Hound & Magritte: “Mom” is back!

Change of plan re the After Magritte rehearsal tonight – fabuloso SM Margot “Mom” Devlin is back! A scheduling change left her open to take over rehearsal tonight – which means I’m off the hook and have the night off!

In the meantime, Eduardo Rosing and I got the Studio floor back to plain black last night. And I was very happy to see that he’d (very kindly) peeled the tape off on Sunday (the grey lines on the floor were taped on), leaving me with one less job to do. Andy Fraser, son Jack and a friend of Jack’s schlepped the furniture back to Marty’s – and Ed gave Andy the night off from floor duty (she’d kindly offered to come back and help). “Mom” offered to help too, but I told her at the party that we’d be fine. And we were. Those gals are great – and it was so good to have the extra hands, not to mention good humour, helping with painting.  This makes us officially done with Hedda.

Word of warning to the Hound and Magritte casts: Behave yourselves – “Mom” is in the house!


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