Hound & Magritte stumblethrough

Or, I should say: Magritte and Hound, as that’s the revised running order of the two one-act plays.

This stumblethrough had an extra high level of difficulty in that there are so many precise bits with props, activity and blocking – especially in After Magritte – and the actors are just freshly off book (or, as one said: “off book-ish”) and dealing with costume bits – so it was a bit of a stagger at times. Totally understandable. You’ll see what I mean when you come see the shows.

Still, the cast did an amazing job of getting through – and the shape of something truly and wonderfully funny is clearly visible.

Prize for most hilarious costumes (by Costume Diva/Trifecta of Evil Charmaine Huculak) goes to Pat Brown, who starts Magritte in full body waders and at a later point has his wife’s gown on over his evening clothes as she works on hemming. Very fetching.

Bloggergal is sick with a cold (again), so keeping it short today. Also, this will likely be my last post before the holiday break – so happy holidays!


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