Fun & romance & Real Estate

Finally got out to see the Village Players’ production of Real Estate on Saturday night (their closing) – and so glad I did.

The cast, which featured Alum pals (and mine as well) Liam Doherty, Erin Jones and Kim Sprenger, as well as West McDonald, directed by Alum gal Victoria Shepherd, took us on a journey of love, loss and finding a new path – with laughter and poignancy. The set – a homey rural lakeside home living room – by Alexis Chubb created just the right environment for this play. The house needed saving as much as the characters. I’m always amazed at what the designers at the Village can do with that small, oddly shaped stage. And Vicky tells me that this cast was a delight to work with (no surprise here) – and that it took her a while to be able to even look at Liam during rehearsals because he’s so funny, she’d be constantly cracking up.

A fun evening of theatre at the Village – and a great house despite the unfriendly weather. Good on ya’s!

Saturday was also the closing night for Alumnae’s production Hound and Magritte – and between the weather, the distance (on TTC too) and being knackered, I didn’t make it out to that closing night party at the Richmond Rogue. Shouts to all those folks as well.

Coming soon: more fly on the wall accounts of New Ideas when I drop by the first read-through of Summer’s End; and I’ll also be visiting the GuineaPigging folks for their first read. I’ll also be going to see No Sweetheart Required this weekend; not sure I’ll make it to Sweets and Treats – if not, I’ll see if I can get our back-up blogger on that one.

Till then, stay warm – and go see some good theatre.



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2 responses to “Fun & romance & Real Estate

  1. Victoria Shepherd

    Thanks SO much for coming to the show and for the blog. Really appreciate you braving the weather!

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