More NIF fly on the wall @ Summer’s End read-through

My New Ideas fly-on-the-wall experience with Summer’s End continued as I hung out in Lower Trinity (that’s the room on the west side of the second floor at Alumnae Theatre) with playwright Francine Dick, director Kerri MacDonald and cast (Heather Mann, Alyssa Owsiany and Candi Zell) at their first read-through last night.

On a quiet mid-afternoon in August, three sisters lounge on the dock of the family cottage, talking – and the relaxed, easy setting becomes a sharp contrast to the drama that unfolds.

After reading through the script, Kerri and Francine spoke with the cast about the characters, with Kerri asking each actor about their character and their character’s relationships with each other, and about the people (family) who are only spoken of in the script. The three sisters came together as part of an (uneasily) blended family – they share the same father but have different mothers. The two older sisters (played by Zell and Mann), much older than the younger (Owsiany), lost their mother while still relatively young and their father remarried a short time later – this time, a much younger woman. The action of the play takes place after the father has died and the contents of his will have been disclosed. And that’s pretty much all I can tell you at this point – or Francine would have to kill me.

I left the gang during the break, before they talked a bit more and read the script again.

Summer’s End appears in week two of the New Ideas Festival.

For the full NIF 2011 program, check out the New Ideas page on the Alumnae website:


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