More on The Hunt for Red Willie

Hey kids! The Toronto Irish Players’ production of The Hunt for Red Willie opened on the Alumnae main stage last night – and I got some more scoop on the show from actor (and friend) Steve Flett:

The show is a bit of a farce: 16 scenes, mad costume changes (each actor plays a couple of characters). The “Red Willie” of the title refers to the mask worn by a masked man – the hero of the moonshine (poteen) makers and local populace, and the scourge of the English soldiers. Set in Donegal in 1829. Of course, with a name like Red Willie and, being a farce, there are a few double-entendres.

You may recognize one or more other actors – Myrthin Stagg played Elizabeth in Moonshine with Steve, Dermot Walsh and Diarmuid Collins are also TIP regulars, and Hanna Hogan is on a YTV show called That’s So Weird.

Thanks, Steve!

Interesting that there seems to be a moonshine theme happening with the TIP shows this season. Coincidence? My mum’s people are from Donegal – so I think not.  


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